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Ecosavr Solar Pool Cover

Ecosaver Solar Fish


  • Saves Money, Time, Water, Heat, And Energy
  • Easy To Use
  • Reduces Humidity (Indoor Pools)
  • Reduces Energy Bill
  • No Rollers Needed
  • Does Not Interfere With Pool Filters Or Chemicals
  • One Ecosavr™ Lasts Up To A Month
  • Keeps Heat And Water In Your Swimming Pool
  • Works 24 Hrs A Day, 7 Days A Week, Even When Pool Is In Use
  • Covers All Pool Shapes And Works With Fountains Or Waterfalls
  • Pool Looks Open And Refreshing
  • Reduces Heat And Water Loss By Up To 40%
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Biodegradable
  • pH Neutral

Liquid solar cover for swimming pools: an alternative to conventional solar covers.

Evaporation accounts for up to 7/8 of heat loss from a swimming pool. A single Ecosavr™ contains liquid which automatically floats to the surface of the pool and acts as an evaporation inhibitor, much as a conventional solar blanket performs, except a lot easier to use.

Our key ingredient is a non-toxic chemical called Heatsavr; it's been in use since 1991 and has a proven track record commercially. We packaged it to facilitate its application for the residential pool owner. Heatsavr™ is filter friendly, does not affect the chemical balance (PH, chlorine, alkalinity) of the water, will not damage vinyl liners or any other pool surfaces, and is absolutely harmless to skin contact.

How does it work?

Simply snip the fin where indicated and toss "Eco" in your pool. Ecosavr™ submerges to the bottom of the pool and as the pressure increases, the liquid escapes, rises, and forms an invisible layer on the surface of the water. It is 60% as effective as a conventional solar cover but 100% less trouble. It works 24 hours a day, even while people are swimming. Ecosavr™ will last for approximately 1 month. Then all you have to do is retrieve "Eco" and toss a new one in.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Heatsavr and Ecosavr™
Heatsavr™ is a transparent liquid solar blanket that greatly reduces heat loss. Heatsavr™ is designed for commercial pool owners and Ecosavr™ is designed for residential pool owners; the difference is their delivery system. Heatsavr™ can be applied manually or by the automatic metering system. Ecosavr™ is a small disposable plastic fish containing Heatsavr™ liquid. The product is dispensed through a patented valve in the fin, and forms a transparent, one molecule thick layer on your pool. One Ecosavr™ will last for approximately a month.

How does Ecosavr™ work?
When Ecosavr™ is applied to a pool it quickly spreads over the surface of the water, creating an invisible, mono molecular blanket. These self-spreading molecules are microscopic and safely travel through circulation systems and filter media of all types. The product is completely safe for all pool users and is biodegradable.

Can I swim while Heatsavr™ or Ecosavr™ is in use?
Yes; Heatsavr™ and Ecosavr™ are tested and proven to be absolutely safe. The product is designed to be in use 24 hours a day, which creates a distinct advantage over standard pool blankets.

Are Heatsavr ™and Ecosavr™ environmentally friendly?
Yes. Not only does Heatsavr™ and Ecosavr™ biodegrade into safe, simple compounds in approximately 24-48 hours, but the reduction in energy use is especially beneficial. Swimmers in the pool will not know it is in use.

Are Heatsavr™ and Ecosavr ™safe for my filters and plumbing?
Yes; Heatsavr™ is non-corrosive. There is no detrimental effect on pipes, pumps, valves, chlorine controllers, or filters commonly used in pool applications.

What is the dosage required for my pool?
One "Eco" will cover an area of approximately 400 sq. feet (31-42 Sq. Meters), or 15,000 gallons, and will last approximately one month. For pools from 400 sq ft to 800 sq.ft, or between 15,000 and 30,000 gallons, two Ecosavr™ are required.

Heatsavr™ is dosed at 1oz per 400 sq. ft., either manually or using the AMS

What if my Ecosavr™ doesn't sink when I put it in my pool?
There may be a bit of air in Ecosavr™. Holding the fish upright and away from your face, gently press out the air until a little of the fluid starts to come out. It should now sink to the bottom slowly. If the air won't come out, place the Ecosavr™ in a sink of hot tap water for about 5 minutes. This will help to clean the valve passage.


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