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Formerly A.O. Smith Electrical Products Company
         Pool Pump Motors


SuperFlo Single Speed Standard 1.5 HP B2854 Motor

Centurion Square Flange Motor


Motor replacement for the SuperFlo Pump 340039

Motor Information

HP   1.5
RPM  3450
Volts  230/115
Frame  56Y
Max Amps  8.0/16.0
Service Factor  1.1

Common Seals and Orings that may need to be replaced when replacing the pump motor

Shaft Seal PS-200

If you have a Ozone or Salt Pool we recommend Shaft Seal PS-3867 vs the PS-200 
Seal Plate O-ring 355619/(Aladdin Replacement O-ring O-465)

Diffuser Seal 355030
(Aladdin Replacement O-ring O-395)

Motor Failure:

Shaft seal failure is the major cause of motor failure. This allows moisture to go back to the motor causing corrosion and much more. One of the causes of a shaft seal going bad is the result of the pump running dry which heats up all the parts inside the pump causing damage. It's always best to replace the shaft seal when installing a new motor. If the motor fails due to water damage it can void the manufactures warranty.

All A.O. Smith Motors carry a one year manufacturers warranty (Water damage is not covered).

ATTENTION: Improperly wiring a motor will cause irreversible damage. If the motor runs slowly then trips out, it is incorrectly wired. Please carefully read the motor name plate regarding the connections. 115/230 volt motors are shipped from the factory connected for 230 volts. A motor connected for 115 volts that has 230 volts applied will burn up immediately. A motor connected for 230 volts that has 115 volts applied will run slowly and trip out. If the wires moved on the connection board are not replaced on the proper terminals, the result will be a slow running motor that overheats and trips out. These motors have automatic overload protection, which means the motor will not run again until it cools down. If you are experiencing problems, please recheck the connections to insure you have the motor properly wired for the incoming voltage. These motors have been test run at the factory, and they very rarely have problems. Problems are almost always related to improper wiring or other installation issues. Please be sure that you are ordering the correct motor and that follow all installation instructions carefully.

Pentair SuperFlo Pump
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