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SeaKlear Natural Clarifier
$16.99 qt

Pool & Spa Test Strips
(50 ct)

United Chemical

    Citrus Treat



Citrus Treat is an all natural stain remover that is safe for you and the environment. Besides being an effective stain remover on all pool surfaces, Citrus Treat is compatible with all sanitizers. Our new citric acid formula contains no fillers or binders and is completely phoshate free. Citrus Treat is the stain remover that won't leave you with a bad taste.


STEP 1: Take a Vitamin C Tablet and rub the stained area. If the stain is removed or lightened, then Citrus Treat™ will work.

STEP 2: Reduce chlorine residual to 1.0 ppm or lower.

STEP 3: Add 2 lbs. Citrus Treat™ per 20,000 gallons water.

STEP 4: Brush stained areas.

STEP 5: After 24 hours, vacuum the whole pool.

STEP 6: Clean filters; sand filters should be backwashed twice, while DE and cartridge filters should be broken down and cleaned.

STEP 7: Check chemistry levels and rebalance as appropriate.

STEP 8: Add 2 lbs. Pool Stain Treat® every 60 days to prevent stains from reoccuring.


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