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Polaris® Caretaker 5 Port Valve Rebuilt Kit
Part # 5-9-2001

This kit is for the Polaris® Caretaker in Floor Cleaning System

This Kit contains:

Pistons (5)
Large O-rings (2)
Small O-rings (5)
Cam Assembly (1)
Steel Balls (5)
Retaining Screws  (6)
Retaining Nuts (6)


Polaris® Caretaker 5-Port Valve Rebuilt Kit
Installation Instructions

Tools Needed:
7/16" wrench or socket
5/16" or 8 mm wrench or socket
Small Phillips head screwdriver


1. Loosen the union nuts located above and adjacent to the water valve. Remove the PVC elbow, union nuts and o-rings. Set aside parts. Remove the strainer cup, clean and set aside.
2. Using a 7/16" wrench or socket loosen and remove the V-clamp. Lift the water  valve off the bottom plate.
3. Remove and discard the 5 small o-rings from the valve outlet ports and the large o-ring from the bottom plate.
4. Using a 5/16" or 8 mm wrench or socket (or Phillips head screwdriver from bottom side), loosen the six retaining screws and corresponding nuts. Lift the top housing off of the center plate and set aside. Remove and discard all internal components including the pistons, cam assembly, washers, large o-ring, axle pin and steels balls.


1. Firmly install each piston ensuring the small hole on top of the piston is placed toward the center of the center plate. If seated properly, the pistons will not fall out when the center plate is turned upside down.
2. Install a large o-ring on the outside ridge of the center plate.
3. Place a steel ball on each piston hole.
4. With the rubber band securing the cam assembly and the impeller up, slide the axle pin into the center hole of the center plate and press down firmly. Cut and remove the rubber band. The impeller and gears should spin freely.
5. Align the axle pin on the center plate with the corresponding hole on the top housing. Seat the housing onto the center plate (this may require a slight wiggling motion) and secure the retaining screws and nuts. Do not over-tighten.
6. Holding the water valve upside down, place the 5 small o-rings in the grooves   around the outlet ports. (Wet rings to help them stick but do not lubricate.) Install the second large oring into the groove of the bottom plate.
7. Position the valve on the bottom plate ensuring the alignment hole and pin line up. Tighten the V-clamp onto the valve, tapping periodically to ensure uniform tension,  until the ends are approximately 3/4" apart.
8. Reinstall strainer cup, dome up. Reposition PVC elbow and re-tighten unions. Do  not over-tighten.


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